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With the Udesly App you can use Webflow to create themes for the most used CMSs in the world. No code skills required, just few simple steps and your Webflow project will be ready to be converted into a Shopify, WordPress, Jamstack or Ghost theme.

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How it works

2 tools, 3 steps,
∞ solutions.

From a Webflow project to a fully featured theme ready to work with your favorite CMS. No code, almost no time, no effort!
Chrome Extension
Chrome Extension
The extension automatically adds custom attributes to your Webflow project.
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Udesly App
The Udesly browser App converts the Webflow project in few clicks.

1. Launch the Extension

Start from any Webflow Project. Once your design is completed, launch the Udesly Chrome Extension from your browser.
The extension automatically adds custom attributes to your Webflow project to make it ready to be converted to the CMS you want (Shopify, WordPress, Jamstack or Ghost).

You can use with any Webflow Project


Custom Attributes automatically added

Udesly Chrome Extension

2. Export & Upload

Once you get the "success" message, you're ready to export the Webflow code and download it.
The .config file (you need to use with the Udesly App) will be generated automatically. Then you only need to download the Webflow .zip file.

Webflow .zip File


Udesly .config File

Webflow Export Code

3. Convert & Manage

Once generated the Webflow .zip and the .config file with the Extension, upload them to the App and start the conversion process in clicks.
Only a few minutes and you will be able to upload & manage the converted theme from the CMS you chose.

Convert the project in 2 clicks with the App


Manage it from the CMS you chose

Udesly App
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Common questions when starting out with Udesly

In this video, we'll be answering some of the common questions that most new Udesly users have when taking their first steps when converting their Webflow-built websites over to Shopify, WordPress, Jamstack or Ghost.

Use only ONE software

Use Webflow, only Webflow...

Thanks to Udesly you don't need to learn many platforms to give your client the right solution. Design in Webflow and just convert your project to the CMS you need!
Why Webflow & Shopify together?

Get the best of the most professional visual tools in the world to build and run a store: Webflow for highly professional design, Shopify for fully covered Ecommerce functionality.

The best Ecommerce experience

Enjoy the Webflow power to build a successful shopping experience and get a Shopify theme to manage from the Shopify panel.

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Why Webflow & WordPress together?

Webflow is the highest quality possible when it comes to visual design. WordPress covers any functionalities you need for your project. Don’t choose one, use them both to take your projects one step further.

Advanced functionalities

Design your WordPress Themes with Webflow without any compatibility issues. Offer the infinite WP Plugins solutions to your clients without loosing the Webflow design power.

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Why Webflow & Jamstack together?

Thanks to the Udesly APP you can use Webflow to design your Jamstack powered websites visually and go live with few clicks without writing even a line of code.

Secure, Fast and scalable

Use Webflow to build advanced Jamstack themes. You can host your site anywhere in a secure, fast and scalable way (saving money!).

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Why Webflow & Ghost together?

Create your blogs like never before: choose Webflow for pixel-perfect and no code design, use Ghost to access all the features you need to run a blog.

The best Blog experience

Give your clients the unique blog experience offered by Ghost without loosing the limitless design freedom you have in Webflow.

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